Modern Bedroom Design Decor


When designing any room in the house it is key to consider the colour scheme that fits your desired purpose for the room and what aesthetic you are going for. If you don’t get the colours right it will be harder to make any furniture you choose for the room fit properly, if you create too much of a contrast the room might not be as comfortable as you would like.

When designing a modern bedroom it is worth keeping the contrast between walls and furniture clean, with bold lines and colours. 

As can be seen in this example  whites blacks and greys have been used to create very contrasting clean but modern looking aesthetic while keeping a fairly neutral colour pallet. The biggest contrast being the white bed and gold pillows to draw focus to the middle of the room. Darker blacks are then used to blend the bed side tables into the shadows as to not draw too much focus to them.

Minimalist Design Elements

When looking at modern bedroom designs it is worth considering that modern decor design often encompasses minimalist design elements to achieve the clean sleek look that are not in any way cluttered creating a very relaxing environment to drift off to sleep in.Allowing you to switch off and unwind without any distractions.


Often overlooked during any kind of bedroom renovation project is the matress, People often decide to use cheap brands to save money on overall costs, However when you consider one third of our lives is spent sleeping, which if you live till 75, is around 25 years, and the fact our body and mind use this time to recover and process our day. You should really focus more on a bed that is comfortable, long lasting and supportive to a good posture during sleep.


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