Choosing your perfect home flooring.

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When renovating any room within your home, it is worth considering the impact of the flooring on the overall feel of a room, materials used in the flooring will also play a part in your decision making as well as fitting a purpose, after all in your entryway you don’t really want a carpet that will cause you to be cleaning more than you need to be! With this in mind, the following article will hopefully help you to make an informed decision on the flooring for your renovation project.

As we said earlier, the look and feel of your flooring will change the entire look of your room, but it is important to remember that not only will the floor serve as a platform to base the entire stylization of a room off of, it also needs to be functional and fit the needs in your home as well as being within budget.

The kitchen for example is usually the focal point in any home, and where you will find most people will congregate for long periods of time. Here moisture protection and durability are two key factors you should consider when making a decision on flooring, so you may think tile would be a fitting option, however while tiles are very durable they are inherently as a result very tough, so prone to breaking plates and other household items such as cell phones, everyone hates a broken screen right. 

A very good a budget friendly alternative to tile is vinyl, it is a lot easier to install so you won’t be paying as much for someone to fit, it also can be moulded in a way that looks and feels like real tile, it also comes in many different styles should you want a wood effect finish or even marble. So this is definitely a viable option for any home renovation project!

Hardwood is also a very popular choice for the kitchen however, it tends to not be as durable as tile or vinyl it can definitely add that touch of character and style you may want in your home.

Another space within a home which will inherently see a lot of use is the living room, main things you need to take into consideration isn’t moisture as before but more so comfort and durability over anything else, as a result carpet is generally a go to choice as it offers soft, inviting texture and isn’t cold to touch or feel and is reasonably simple to install across many different underlying floors, it is important to remember that it will be more prone to staining and not as easily cleaned as the flooring mentioned above and may have to be cleaned professionally from time to time.

Hardwood is worth considering here as well as it will be more durable to heavy volumes of traffic as there are various different styles on offer and prices to suit many budgets but it can be scratched and dented if mistreated although it does add a natural warmth to your space.

Engineered wood is also a possible alternative solution here as it is made up of several layers of fibre based wood with a hardwood veneer on top giving it a more durable composition that retains the look of natural wood.

The next room to consider is the bathroom, while hopefully it won’t be seeing as much use as your living room or kitchen you will still want to create something that has the right balance between functionality and style. Moisture control in a bathroom is one of the main concerning factors here, Vinyl flooring offers the best all round solution here as it offers the best mix of water and stain resilience and can be styled to look like real tiles should you prefer. It is also worth noting that real tile can also be a great option here as well, it is worth considering that it will be harder to install and very cold on your feet during those midnight runs to the bathroom! 

Hardwood is more durable to traffic, and spills wipe up easily. It also comes in a range of prices and styles, and while scratches and dents are a concern, hardwood adds value and warmth to the room. There are also hardwood alternatives, such as engineered wood or laminate floors. Engineered wood is made of a fiberboard core with a hardwood veneer face. It retains the natural wood look but is more durable than hardwood. The bathroom won’t see as much traffic as the kitchen or living room, but it still needs to strike a balance between utility and beauty. Controlling moisture is a major concern in bathrooms. Vinyl flooring is waterproof, stain proof, and is budget friendly. It’s easy to install and easy to clean, and has come a long way in texture and design to look more like real tile.

It is definitely worth taking the time to consider all factors of your lifestyle, family, friends and even pets while making decisions on what flooring to use throughout your home but I hope this article has helped you realise part of your dream and motivated you to visit your local hardware store to start making your purchasing decisions.


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