How to make a small bedroom look and feel great.


Room size doesn’t really matter that much, if you have a small space to work with it is possible to ensure you get maximum functionality. When designing an interior for a small bedroom it is important to realize that dark colours will not hold the light as well as lighter tones of color, therefore it is advisable to choose nicely bright interior colors as this will help to reflect the light into the space creating a fresh feeling environment that seems a lot bigger than it is..

Declutter your space, It is easy to consider buying lots of items to fill out your space, as you have limited space available don’t do this, do you really need two side tables? Bedroom Furniture is useful and almost always functional in some way but… That extra lamp? When space is minimal, it is key to keep it simple! It’s always nice to have more things but in reality you are just creating more work for yourself.. after all, you probably have to do the cleaning!

Keep that wall art to a minimum – although it may be nice to fill the bedroom with nice wall art, family photo’s etc, One piece of nice art can become the focal point of the room and create a great feel in keeping with the minimalist vibe!

Small Furniture – If you want to create a feeling of a bigger bedroom, think small, often people forget that furniture is big and bulky, if you go small with the bedroom furniture the ceiling will appear further away and thus less claustrophobic, It is also worth considering just using a slim mattress on the floor for sleeping that can be rolled up and put away when not in use so the space can be used for more when not asleep. Also tall furniture can create a lot of clutter, forgo floor lamps and favour small table lamps instead.

Furniture color is also important, just like the walls, keeping the furniture colours light and bright too! You don’t want to draw too much attention to the functional items of the room bringing you back to the reality that the bedroom is small! You can even get transparent furniture these days, maybe you should have a look at those? The furniture materials are worth considering as well, do you plan on customizing them? Plastic may be easier to maintain also! It is also worth considering the possibility of folding furniture as these can be easily stored when not being used. Who doesn’t love stackable items right?

Consider building inbuilt shelves above the bed for storage, creating extra space for those important items like keys, phone and wallet, this will create more depth to the room, mirrors will also play a part in helping create the illusion of depth in the room around the bed, and serve as a functional way to get ready for the day ahead

It is worth remembering that if you have a small room the chances are you also have small windows, so when choosing curtains you want to choose a material that doesn’t drag on the floor, not only is this dangerous it also ruins the flow of a room, light colors are also important here too! Pay attention to the window lines and emulate them across the furniture you use in the room, for example if your windows create vertical lines get a dressing table with similar patterns to help with the flow!
Space management is key in these situations keep everything in its place! Keep pens in a jar, Jewelry in its box and clothing in a drawer! Out of sight out of mind!

Styling also plays a part in any room, you want to keep a bedroom as relaxed as possible so using similar colors that are light and easy on the eye throughout the room will benefit you greatly, you don’t want to create a massive contrast with bold colors which draw attention and change the ambiance you are trying to create. As the bed will be one of the biggest items in the room in terms of furniture keep the colors as muted as possible.


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