Perfect Bedroom Storage Ideas


The main problem you can have in any bedroom space is clutter, no matter how often you try to sort out your bedroom space you can almost guarantee it will feel cluttered in no time at all. But Have no fear, there are inexpensive bedroom storage solutions you can buy to help you make the most of your bedroom space and take your organization to the next level! 

Corner Shelves

Hanging corner shelves can offer an inexpensive way to offer you storage space in an area that would usually be unusable, creating a practical way to store books, games or any other items you would want in your room, these are often slimmer and more compact than other bedroom storage solutions and can also double as a replacement for a side table next to the bed allowing extra space for a bigger bed and who doesn’t like a bigger place to sleep! You can also re purpose some file storage racks for this, Just turn it on its side and bracket mount it to the wall! 

Door racks

You can purchase over the door racks to make use of any space you have on the back of a door, these are usually made from wire frames that can be adjusted to fit any need, you can also get over the door shoe racks should you have an extensive footwear collection.

Furniture Up-cycling

Repurposing/Upcycling existing items in your home is another key way to save money and budget smarter, wooden storage crates can usually be found in storage rooms or markets and are great because they can be upcycled into many different types of furniture for your home. One of the most common ways we have seen storage crates used in home improvement is for chic style shelving, to achieve the look you want is simple, just sand it down and paint it whatever color you desire! The choice is yours 

Do you have any old suitcases laying around your house? Ever thought about using these as side tables? Just stack a couple and you may find use for them!

Do you have any old drawers that you don’t use anymore? Ever thought about upcycling them? You can use them for additional storage space of course! You can use them under the bed, or as wall mounted shelves, if you offset each one from each other, you can create something artistic and functional creating something decorative

Headboard Shelving

Placing shelves above a headboard is often overlooked, usually reserved for some wall art or photo’s however this is a prime location for some overhead storage space in your bedroom! These can also be painted to add to the overall look and feel of the focal point of any bedroom! Keeping the shelves as close to the ceiling as possible will help create the feeling of a larger room should you be lacking on space.

Use wicker baskets to spruce up the room, these are great for storage and adding to the chic decor of your room, and can even be wall mounted to add extra flair.


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