It is important to be aware that color is defined as a visual perception based on light reflections that allows for the human eye to tell the difference between two potentially identical objects and can be used as a contrast against one another, the perception of which is influenced heavily by a person. We can see several billion different shades of colors with time the perception of these colors also change.

Color plays a massive part in our lives, although you don’t really think about it, the influence it has on our daily lives is massive, from the colors we see in nature to the color of the drink you most recently had, our minds process and make decisions based on color and the subconscious connotation of feeling each of those colors presents to us. We are even influenced by color when making purchases in our daily lives. It is worth considering what emotion specific colors speak to you when making design decisions in your home. Does a color make you feel happy, energized or relaxed? These are all factors you should take into consideration when designing the color pallet for your space, is it a work space? More neutral less distracting colors would be appropriate here, you will also find that memories and things you have experienced more recently in your life will play a part in your decision for colors, was there a room in your parents house that the colors always make you happy? Were you on holiday recently in a beautiful place? The prominent colours for these experiences will speak to you, it is important to embrace your feelings and go with what you feel most comfortable with as you will be the person ultimately enjoying the space you will be painting. Current trends will also lend an influence to color choices, including those of traumatic events, 


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