Small Living Room Re-modelling Ideas

Small living room with table, couch and television

When you have a small living room you may feel like you have to put up with limited space availability, but there are ways to give you more function for your living room. Don’t see it as deal breaker! It can become a cosy place for you, your friends and family to hang out. 

These ideas will hopefully help you on your way to create a living space you are proud of and let your inner creativity shine

Multipurpose Furniture

Buy furniture that is multipurpose! It may seem like a simple idea for your living room but can serve as amazing space saving solutions, For example, you can buy a folding dining table that can double up as a sideboard when not being used. Get a sofa that pulls out into a comfy double bed for those lazy movie nights at home, or even replace a coffee table with an ottoman that can double as a make-shift table for snacks and drinks and when you are alone, use it to relax and unwind! Some even come with hidden storage that you can use for everyday items you want, but don’t want prying eyes to see!

Pick the right size furniture

One of the most challenging things you will face when choosing furniture is picking the right size items for the job, Common misconception is that only small items of furniture will fit in with a small living room environment, You couldn’t be more WRONG. Take a look around your living room and observe if you have a compact space it is a good idea to buy a large corner sofa that can be pushed up to the wall and then a couple of more compact chairs would fit nicely, and if you don’t have a TV in your living room you could get two larger seats and place them opposite each other. A nice large sofa and a luxury ottoman would be a favourable choice here.

Lighting is key

Lighting plays a crucial role in any space! Making sure you make use of any windows available in your space will be crucial to creating any sense of a spacious room, Make sure you don’t have bulky curtains as these may stop light from entering the room, you may find it better to use blinds that can easily be rolled up out of the way.

Ceiling Design

Look up, you see that? Its your ceiling, if you want to create the feeling of a big space, paint it, anything that can draw the eyes upwards will help to create the illusion of a bigger room. Even hanging wallpaper on it will add focus to something in the room that is often left muted and overlooked.

Light colors

It is important to keep any colors you use in any room bright while darker colors can make your living room feel more elegant and modern, it will draw in the walls making them feel closer, which if you already have a small room to work with you will find that you just make the situation and feel much worse. It is best practise to go for lighter colors such as grey’s greens, and possibly even a soft beige to help give the appearance of a larger room. Bright colors will also help bounce any light around the room more instead of absorbing it.  

Use of mirrors

With light playing a massive part in the look and feel of a room, invest in a mirror, not only will this help create the illusion of more depth to the living room you are working with, it also helps to get the light around the room a mirror does reflect after all.

Blended colors

One final thing to consider, once you have painted your walls you may want to consider the possibility of getting furniture that matches similar colors so everything flows together nicely creating minimal contrasting will help to make the room flow and less focus will be on each individual furniture piece, more on the overall room.

Hope these tips have given you some ideas on where to start with your project!


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